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"We totally recommend MyBasicCRM"
Kurt Carlson - Managing Director
Redmap Software
"I have a complete CRM tool at my fingertips even I am out of office"
Jessica Evans - Sales Coordinator - Flows Technology
"It is fun and easy to use, I can customize literally everything"
Dan Harfush - CTO - A1 Digital Design
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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to test for 1 month, do you require credit card?

Simply sign up with your name and email address to enjoy a no obligation, 30 day free trial. You can start using MyBasicCRM unlimited with as many users as you want. Your credit card information is not required for sign-up.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of the 30 day, no obligation trial period, you will be prompted to activate your account. Enter your credit card and payment information securely at this point only if you are 100% satisfied with your MyBasicCRM experience.

How much does MyBasicCRM cost? Is there an extra fee?

Let's say, you are using MyBasicCRM with 3 users. You will pay $8.90 per month for each user on your account, so 3 X 8.90 USD per month in total. Training, consulting, setup and version upgrades are included in this price.

Can I use it on my mobile phone?

Thanks to the responsive design you can use all features of MyBasicCRM on your phone. Just log in with Chrome which is installed on your phone and add MyBasicCRM icon to mobile desktop. Now you can start using MyBasicCRM with a single click.

Where is your reference list?

MyBasicCRM has thousands of users around the world and supports many different languages. As an industry standard identities of users are not included in our page. For a list of corporate references, feel free to contact us.

Where do you keep my data? How secure is it? May it go into the hands of the rival firms?

It is not possible for your data to be passed on to rival companies or to be lost unless you tell someone your password. MyBasicCRM uses SSL connection, a banking standard for the security of your password and your data. Your data and your files are stored in secure servers of Amazon and are backed up every night. You can find the server security details at the following links:
Amazon Security Page

What will happen if I give up using?

Your subscription payments will be cancelled and your records will stay in the system until the end of the month. You can download the backup of your data from the account page. Your documents will be transferred to a ftp address you provide.

What about user support?

For 24/7 user support, you only need to send an email to In accordance with our quality standard, you will definitely be answered within the same working day. You can also call our office during business hours.


1. How will I start? Please show me step by step.

Please watch our short tutorial videos to start using now.

2. How can I receive customer support tickets over my web site?

Please click Support Ticket Module to see how you can do.

3. How can I do basic bookkeeping? Can I track account balance of my client?

MyBasicCRM has a basic bookkeeping feature to keep track of transactions and account balance.

1. You can enter your sales / orders and collections.
2. You can view the account balance and transactions on the client page.
3. You can download the transactions in Excel file or send by email.

Please write to for more information

4. How do I integrate with the PBX or VOIP of my company?

MyBasicCRM is integrated with all major PBX services

1. To start a call on MyBasicCRM, simply click the phone icon next to the telephone number on the contact page.
2. For incoming calls, first push the orange telephone icon at the top.
3. If the calling number exists in MyBasicCRM, the corresponding contact page will be opened automatically. If the calling person does not have a record, a new contact page will be opened.
4. After saving the new contact, a new activity page is opened to enter the call details.

Please write to for PBX settings

5. How do I set the following task, automatic reminders and business flows?

You can easily set rules like these examples:

1. You have made a call with your client, recorded the notes. You may add a following visit task linked to the call.
2. The new proposals automatically drop to the task list of the manager for approval or an automatic task is generated for orders received.
3. You may create all the tasks - steps of a project with one click.
4. As a consultant you need to calculate all deadlines automatically and recieve reminders.

6. How can I send bulk email or automatic SMS?

You can easily access to customer email addresses in MyBasicCRM.

Once you paste the email list into Outlook, enter the subject and the email text, you can send the same email to your list. You can see the list of customers who do not have an email address. You can create many customer lists based on different filters
Show details for bulk email


It is easy to send individual or bulk SMS to your customers within MyBasicCRM . Examples: 1. Celebrations for new year, special days, birthdays, etc.,
2. Reminders for due payments, confirmations for collections,
3. Notifications for balance, contract renewal date, etc.,
4. Invitations for meetings, events.

In order to send an SMS, just send us the login details of the SMS service you are using.
SMS sending example

7. How do I do reporting? How to export data to Excel

Please click Reporting in MyBasicCRM to see how you can do.

8. How can I restrict client representatives, branches or resellers?

Client reps or users in branches can only see their own contacts, while you can access to all contacts:

1. Open page wizard at the Contacts page, add a new 'list' or 'user' type field according to your needs. The field heading can be 'Authorized Reseller' or 'Customer Rep'.
2. Enter the list values (eg: Reseller A, Reseller B, or East Region, West Region etc.). In case of the field is selected as 'user' there is no need to enter the list options, the user names are automatically listed
3. Go to users section at the account page and add the user or reseller. To give permissions click the name of the user.
4. Click 'Limited view & edit' box, select the custom field, select the appropriate option (e.g. Dealer A or User B), and click save button

Permission is activated when users refresh their main page

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